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You are more powerful than you realize. By changing the ways you interact with your world, you could drastically improve your relationships, career and/or wealth. My personal coaching can help you do just that.

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Using the Jack Canfield success principles to unlock your potential:

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Hi, great to see you here!

Hi, my name is Michelle, nice to meet you!
I coach people like you who are ready for positive change in their lives but are not sure exactly what that looks like for them. Maybe you've seen other people thriving but you're not sure how they got there or what makes them so happy.

The good news is that I've trained with Jack Canfield and I teach his Success Principles to help those like you not only discover "what I should do with my life" but how to attract incredible abundance. More wealth, more work opportunities, and better relationships are all results my clients have seen within just a few weeks of working with me directly.

And I understand where you're coming from because I was there once too. I worked as a high level digital marketing executive at Fortune 100 companies for over 11 years before I asked myself the same question.

These same Success Principles helped me discover my passions and real purpose in life, launching my career as a successful coach, speaker, and soon-to-be book author. I'm fulfilling my dream by working for myself, and attracting all the money I want and need to accomplish everything I want to do in life.

I hope I can do the same for you. If this sounds inspiring and exciting...then I welcome you to take a look around this website, perhaps sign up for my newsletter and feel free to contact me directly for coaching information in the "Work With Me" section of the site.


More About Me

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  • Watch my first Success Principles online course introducing the most important success principle. Take 100% responsibility for your happiness.

  • Watch my second Success Principles online course introducing ways to reduce your roadblocks in taking 100% responsibility for your happiness.

  • Access the companion worksheets referenced in my first and second Success Principles online courses for the full coaching experience.


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