The Power Of You (COMING SOON!)

Do you ever get the feeling that you're not living your best or most fulfilling life? Are you stuck in a job you don't enjoy wishing you could either start your own company or completely change your career? Do you have goals you don't know how to tackle or can't seem to accomplish because of all your daily distractions?

It's normal to experience the ups and downs of wanting your dream job or career or to start your own business and feeling like you're not able to do anything about it, but, if you're continually waiting for the perfect moment to do this and to be happy, you're never going to get there.

There are a number of simple first steps you can do every day that will help you achieve your dreams. This set of eight courses and exercises will introduce you to the timeless Principles used by successful men and women throughout history. They have been collected over 30 years from those who've achieved their dream jobs, careers and businesses by living their passion.

Meet Michelle Simonne, facilitator of
The Power of You

As a certified trainer of Jack Canfield's SUCCESS PRINCIPLES™ I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact in the world by helping people create freedom through changing their careers or starting their own businesses. I believe that many people throw roadblocks in their own way, and settle for 'good enough', when they deserve happiness, and I'm here to help you realize your potential so that you can achieve anything you desire and so much more. I've done it for myself using the SUCCESS PRINCIPLES™, and now it's your turn to do the same.

It's time to make those dreams become a reality

Everyone deserves to work using their true passions because it will not only attract more more money into your life, but it will give you the time to do what you love every day, which is why I urge you to take the time to take the course. It's an investment in you, and a huge step to creating the career or business of your dreams. By coming to this site and this page, you already know it's about time you did something for yourself.

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Module 1 Taking 100 Percent Responsibility
Unit 1 Success Principle 1: Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life  - Preview
Unit 2 Success Principle 25: Blaming/ Complaining  - Preview
Unit 3 The Law Of Attraction
Unit 4 Module 1: Downloads  - Preview
Module 2 Be Clear Why You're Here
Unit 1 Module 1 Homework Review
Unit 2 Success Principle 33: Our Beliefs Control Us and Creating Affirmations
Unit 3 Success Principle 3: Your Life Purpose and Decide What You Want
Unit 4 Success Principle 28: Clean Up Your Messes & Incompletes
Unit 5 Module 2: Downloads
Module 3 Building Specific Intentions
Unit 1 Module 2 Homework Review
Unit 2 Success Principle 54: Keep Your Agreements
Unit 3 A Clear Vision Creates Power and Clarity
Unit 4 Affirmations Exercise
Unit 5 Module 3: Downloads
Module 4 Unleash the Power of Goal Setting
Unit 1 Module 3 Homework Review
Unit 2 Success Principle 7: High Achievers Set Measurable Goals
Unit 3 Goals Exercise
Unit 4 Success Principle 23: The Rule of 5
Unit 5 Module 4: Downloads
Module 5 Sharpen Your Vision
Unit 1 Module 4 Homework Review
Unit 2 Success Principle 4: Believe It's Possible
Unit 3 Success Principle 11: See What You Want, Get What You See
Unit 4 Success Principle 57: You Get What You Focus On
Unit 5 Module 5: Downloads
Module 6 Just Lean Into It
Unit 1 Module 5 Homework Review
Unit 2 Success Principle 13: Take Action
Unit 3 Success Principle 12: Act As If (NSY)
Unit 4 Success Principle 17: Ask, Ask, Ask
Unit 5 Success Principle 18: Reject Rejection (NSY)
Unit 6 Module 6: Downloads
Module 7 Believe It's Possible
Unit 1 Module 6 Homework Review
Unit 2 Your Top 3 Things
Unit 3 Vision Board Exercise
Unit 4 Success Principle 19: Use Feedback To Your Advantage
Unit 5 Module 7: Downloads
Module 8 Mastermind Your Way To Success
Unit 1 Module 7 Homework Review
Unit 2 Success Principle 44: Surround Yourself With Successful People
Unit 3 Success Principle 21: Get An Accountability Partner
Unit 4 Success Principle 46: Start A Mastermind Group
Unit 5 Module 8: Downloads
Module 9 Course Review
Unit 1 Review of Module 8 Homework
Unit 2 F.E.A.R.
Unit 3 Course Affirmations
Unit 4 Wrapping Up: Never Stop Learning & Give Back (NSY)
Unit 5 Suggested Follow-On Reading List
Unit 6 Module 9: Downloads